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1. Cake Serves - my cakes serves are estimated based on coffee serves which is a 1" x 1" sized cut equivalent to a small regular cupcake portion (like at weddings). If you are looking for dessert serves (2" x 1" cuts) please choose the next size up in cake size to ensure there is plenty of cake to go around.

2. How do I best cut tall cakes? I recommend cutting a cake in square cuts (visualise a grid) and cut a 1" deep cut all the way down the face of the cake, push the whole slice onto a large plate or cutting board, and then divide and cut smaller portions and distribute. Continue cutting with this way for the next 1" deep slice until the end. You will maximise your portions using this method.

3. How do I keep/store the cake? My cakes keep very fresh in the fridge for up to 7 days (decorations may vary), so if you are not eating the cake on the day of pickup, store the cake (as given in my box) into a drinks fridge (or a fridge with no odours) and bring to room temperature at least 45min-1hour before cutting. Butter based cakes and buttercream are best eaten nice and soft.

4. How do I transport my cakes? My non-tiered cakes will be passed to you in an enclosed box on a cake board. You can safely transport them on the passenger floor with the air-conditioning on and driving slowly around corners. Best would be if a passenger was able to hold the cake on their laps for the journey. For my larger wedding and celebration cakes, I would like to offer you my delivery service based on availability (fee applies)

5. Do you offer delivery? I do offer a delivery service, but this is limited to weddings and larger cakes (with a fee) and my availability. Usually all my clients will pickup from my home on weekend mornings before 10:00am or as discussed on the weekdays. 

6. Do you require a deposit for orders? Only for wedding bookings over $500. All other orders need to be confirmed with full payment by bank transfer for full confirmation. I only take a limited number of orders per week/day, so I base my schedule on a first paid/first served policy.

7. How much notice do you need to take a booking? I recommend 2-3 weeks as a minimum to place an order. As I have limited spots each week for cake orders, the sooner you contact me about your cake, the better the chance will be that I can take it.

8. What do I do if there is leftover cake? You can easily pack the cake in an airtight container and freeze it to be enjoyed on a later date. Please make sure the cake is fully defrosted before eating and do not store longer than 30 days after the initial cut.

9. Are you a nut free kitchen? My kitchen is NOT NUT-FREE even if some of my cakes don’t contain nuts. Please be aware of this when serving my cakes to your guests.

10. How do I choose the design of my cake? We work collaboratively with you to determine the look and feel of your cake. The inspiration for your cake can come from anywhere: your invitations, the individual for whom it is intended, their hobbies and traits for example, the theme of the occasion and the statement you are trying to create. It can also be useful to show us any references that may be appropriate, such as invitations or photographs.

11. Do you make GF/Vegan cakes? Yes I do (on request) and a little surcharge my apply due to the additional ingredients I will need.

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